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Items people could have... - The Booty Babes of WoW

About Items people could have...

Previous Entry Items people could have... Apr. 10th, 2006 @ 02:27 am Next Entry
I got the following list from Chalda's player of things cluttering up her bank slots:

Pioneer Trousers of the Eagle
Sturdy Quarterstaff of the Eagle
Disciple's Vest of the Owl
Sturdy Quarterstaff of Intellect
Compact Shotgun
Gypsy Trousers of the Falcon
Gypsy Trousers of the Monkey
Bard's Belt of the Eagle
Soldier's Wristguards of the Eagle
Gypsy Tunic of Intellect
Cadet Vest of the Bear
Heavy Shortbow
Stonesplitter Mace
Willow Boots of the Owl
Willow Belt of Fiery Wrath
War Knife of Stamina
Seer's Padded Armor

Pattern: Dark Leather Tunic
Schematic: Small Seaforium Charge

Blacksmith 111; only trainer patterns so far. Haven't bought nearly
all of them either, but I'd be more than happy to fill in the gaps if
there's a request.

Contact Chalda in-game (best), reply here, or contact me.
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